Russian Charoite

Beautiful Purple Charoite is found in only one area of the world. It is mined in an area of the Murun Mountains in Yakutia, Russia that is very difficult to reach. Discovered by Rusdian Geologists, Vera Rogova and Yuri Rogova in the late 1950’s. finally recognized and named Charoite and named a new mineral Species in 1978. Charoite has beautiful Purple Swirls of color with feathers and needles of chatoyant crystals in it. Sometimes it has black patches of Aegerine in it and Orange Tinkisite patches in it. It will also have patches of clear crystals of Feldspar as well. The Darker and more purple the higher the Value of the stone. Pure Purple stones are of the highest value and are the most rare due to the fact that Russia has strict prohibitions on the exportation of the stone.